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              About Wanbo

              Wuxi Wanbo Coating Chemical Co. Ltd. Is a Joint-venture, and located in Wuxi New District a National High-Tech Development Zone, with total investment of more than 35 million RMB and total area of 34,000 square meters. Since its establishment, the company makes great efforts in innovation and development for coating technology. The company invited experts of coatings & resin; and has set-up close technical co-operation with some foreign experts from Canada, Netherlands and etc. for development of novel and special coating resins. The company have successfully developed a series of room-temperature curable fluorocarbon resins - FEVE. The raw materials used in FEVE resins are well selected, and the production facilities are well designed. These resins are designed to produce the architecture coatings which are used for high-buildings with super-durability. These resin also can be used for heavy duty coatings, industrial coatings which also requires the high durability.
                Due to the special raw materials and techniques used, the initial yellowing problem of FEVE resins in baking coating is successfully overcome. So these special FEVE resins can be used for coil coating. The coil coatings produced with these special FEVE resins can get high gloss more than 80% which the PVDF coatings cannot meet, and get almost same high durability compared to the PVDF coatings.
                A series of resins for coil coating are successfully developed and produced to fit the different requirements, such as high durable polyester resin for outdoor architectural coil coatings, high cost-effective ratio polyester, special modified polyesters for home appliance coil coatings, and special acrylic resins for aluminum coil coatings.

              About Wanbo
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