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              I have been in business ups and downs for more than 20 years. I have ever discerned ordinary persons’ who become persons of outstanding talent around me during from 3 to 5 years. And I felled regrettable for somebody who was an ambitious person I had admired to. How can everybody in the world and an enterprise change tempestuously fight in Business Sea and sail a long journey?
              Everything follows principle and all flesh can become Buddha. The kernel competitive power decides market competition ability. What is the kernel competitive power? In general, to an enterprise, from a short period, the quality and performance of products decide the competitive power of an enterprise; from a long period, definitive factor is that create and strengthen kernel competitive power of a company - the special skill of gestating a new-generate product. Only the enterprise which has kernel competitive power can keep active and blossomy energy. This is also rule of remarket economy.
              Wuxi Wanbo Coating Chemicals Co. Ltd. is just our ship which we realize our dream!
              All mechanism and system of our company are embodiment that personal target within company and developing target of company come true in one. We believe that successful management can understand personal target any time and can make enterprise’s target represent personal target. There are a lot of normal staff live and work harmoniously together. However, true harmony is that chance is equalization and free choice. No matter educated qualification is high or low capability is strong or weak, how is the fate, if we look forward to the future, study continuously and make great efforts to change attitude, we can definite get chance to bring into play potential energy. We know deeply that innovative management and technology are guarantee of enterprise can live and power of enterprise can develop. But we must be convinced of innovation risk and cost. We encourage innovation and get ready to respond to the innovation. To sum up our experience in last many years, we have understood that the most effective study is trying failing-modifying-trying again in our real work. And this has become our important contents of enterprise culture
              Our target of all word is crate market competitive power for our customers. The needs of our customer are the basis we live, and we will cooperate with our customers and develop and grow.
              It is not much serious that somebody is absent in the earth, but it will be more brilliant because of our presence.

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